What is the turn around time?
  • I will generally respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. 
  • A label sample image will be emailed for your approval usually within a week or so.  
  • Please provide all necessary information with your order to avoid delays.  This includes:  label package, label size(s), the number of sheets of each size,and ALL of the information to be displayed on the label.  Click on the How to Order Tab for more details on how to place an order. 
  • Labels are printed in batches once every other week.  Your order will be printed after I receive all of your information and after you approve the design.  
Do the label designs come in other shapes than what is shown on your site?
Yes, all the designs are available in every label shape (with the exception the vintage line). Click on the Label Specification Tab for details on the available label shapes and sizes.  

Do your labels meet my state’s labeling requirements?
Each label is created individually to meet your needs.  Most countries, states, cities, counties and even some farmers markets have their own labeling requirements.  Because each customer's situation is unique, each label is created based on the specifications of the customer.  It is up to the customer to know their individual labeling requirements and to communicate those needs to me.   I am happy to accommodate those needs the best I can. 

Can you send me a digital copy of the final label design?
Yes.  Each sample sent out has a “sample” watermark.  A final digital copy of the label without the watermark is not provided.   You are purchasing the labels themselves and not the digital information used to create the label.  Custom Honey Labels and More is set up primarily as a supplier for labels, as such, the artwork is retained as it is the foundation of my business.

Can I talk to you over the phone?
While I enjoying speaking on the phone with my fellow beekeepers, the best way to get a hold of me is via email and my preferred method of communication is email.  I keep odd hours as my primary role is to be with my small children during the day (not a situation at all conducive to phone conversations).  In my experience, email communication is the quickest and most effective way to communicate.  If a phone call is necessary, please send me a request via email with your phone number and we will set up a phone meeting. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes.  Please email for a shipping quote and provide the label package that you are interested in purchasing.  There is no mark up for shipping.  You will be charge the cost for shipping via International Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service. 

I like several of the designs, can you mock up each design with my information for me to choose from?
Please choose your favorite design for me to mock up, as the label designs on the website are a good representation of the final product.  Because each label is created individually and due to the high volume of orders, I am only able to mock up one label design per order.  

The mock up sample image you emailed me does not look quite right, is something wrong?
Smart phones and email preview screens can distort the image and colors significantly.  To ensure an accurate representation of the label, the best way to view the image is to download the attachment and view it on a computer. 

What type of material are the labels made of and how are they printed?  Are the labels self sticking?
The labels are professionally printed on high gloss adhesive label sheets.  The toner ink is baked on which results in a high quality crisp image and a durable finish.  The labels are self sticking.  No glue is required.

How are the labels created?
The labels are created individually using Adobe Illustrator.  Photoshop is sometimes used for labels with photos. 

What is the charge to add my photo or logo onto my label?
There is a one time set up fee of $10 to add your photo or onto the label.  Please provide a high quality copy of your photo or logo. 

Can you make labels for my lotion, lip balms and other products?
Yes.  You can have a line of labels created for each of your products.  There is a one time set up fee of $12 for each product added to a label package.

Is there a minimum order?
The minimum order is 25 sheets (package A).

I would like to order a label size that is not listed available on your site, is this possible?
It is possible to get additional label sizes, however, it typical requires an order of 100-250 Sheets (not individual labels).  If you are interested in this option, please email me with the specifics.

Can you design my business card to match my labels?
Yes, I can design a business to match your labels.  There is a set up fee of $15.00.  I do not provide printing business cards.  You will be emailed a high quality jpg or pdf that you can have printed anywhere.  I recommend vistaprints.com for high quality and low cost printing.

How do I pay for the labels?
Once we have established your order and you have approved the design, I will email you a paypal invoice for payment (you do not need a paypal account).  You can pay using a your paypal account or by using a major credit card which will be processed through paypal's secure website.   

How are my labels shipped?  Will I receive a tracking number?
Your order will be shipped via The United States Postal Service Priority Mail (1-3 business days). Your labels will be shipped to the address that you provided to paypal.  Please make sure that you provided the correct shipping address to paypal.  If you need your labels shipped to a different address, please let me know.  Once your labels ship out, you will receive a tracking number from paypal. 

Can you create a unique custom design other than what is listed on your site for my labels?
Yes.   The cost depends on the amount of time to set up your design.  It typically runs $50-$100.  The best way to keep the cost down is to provide as much information as possible before I get started.  Please provide ALL of the information to be displayed on label and the label shape(s) and size(s).  See the How to Order Tab for a list of information  

Also, please provide great detail about what you want your label to look like IE.) the colors, fonts, style, theme etc.  It is helpful if you email images of labels that you like and name specifically what it is that you like about them.  It is also helpful if you reference label designs from my site, especially if you like a particular font, color, design item.  If you want a photo or logo included, please provide a high quality image.  

Please email me with any other questions  and best of luck with your honey bees!