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Anne Turnham

I am a Beekeeper, Label Designer, and  a Stay-at-Home Mom to three beautiful children.  I am proud to be a member of the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association.

My background is in biology, chemistry, and environmental science.  I first became a beekeeper as an outlet for my love of the sciences and nature while staying at home with my young children…little did I know that this hobby would turn into a great passion.  Beekeeping is a fulfilling and rewarding hobby for my entire family and we are grateful to contribute to the sustainability of our local ecology.   Next to my beloved children and husband, honey bees have captured my attention and my heart like none other.  I find them endlessly fascinating and I have the greatest admiration for these little creatures.

When I first harvested my honey, I discovered that most beekeepers have the same basic label designs available from beekeeping catalogs.  Given the work and care that is put into honey production, I felt it was important to have a label on my honey jars that complemented the honey and also represented my family’s commitment and love of beekeeping.  As a result, I created our Turnham Family Honey label using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator skills that I acquired from taking classes and spending countless hours working on digital scrapbooks.  My labels were met with rave reviews and it became obvious to me that there is a need for beekeepers to have other options beyond the same old designs.  I want the labels to represent the beekeeper and also to reflect that the honey is a precious gift from nature.   Through encouragement from my supportive husband, family, and friends, I decided to design honey labels that better represent the treasure held inside the bottle. 

Please feel free to browse around and find a label that suits you or contact me and we’ll create a label unique to your vision. 

Thanks for looking!

Our family's honey labels
with my "little honey bees"
represented on the label.